Schultz Stevedoring

Part of Schultz Shipping Group

We are active in ports throughout Denmark

  • Kalundborg
  • Aalborg
  • Aarhus
  • Frederica
  • Grenaa
  • Naksov
  • Masnedø
  • Rødbyhavn & Bandolm

About us

The Schultz Group is a
well-established shipping, stevedore and warehouse company in Port of
Kalundborg, since 1926. We operate warehouses, grain terminals, biomass
terminals, chemical warehouses and Industrial Liquid Filling & Storage
Facility, Tank warehouses as well as container terminals. Furthermore are
Schultz Stevedoring operating on different port calls, including tanker
vessels. We are a professional workforce capable of carrying out all the
different tasks you need.

Our new state of the art Industrial Liquid Filling & Storage Facility in
Kalundborg is operated by Schultz Stevedoring A/S and complies with all legal,
environmental, H&S and fire prevention responsibilities within storage and
handling of flammable liquids in all fire hazard classes.

Our specially developed software SATS contains integrated continuously
environmental and fire risk assessment, flammable liquid warehouse management,
ordering and delivering system and all product movements within the facility
are handled only by bar codes
The new facility at the Asnæs Terminal in Kalundborg offers:
• Filling IBC or drums in a sealed filling station of all liquid chemicals from
lorry or ISO container.
• Storage and delivering liquid products in IBC or drums.
• Weighbridge is available at the terminal.
• Optional 24 hours operation.

For inquiries please contact our team below, or at our general mail

Contact Us

Peter Stenberg

managing director – Schultz Stevedoring
Part of Schultz Shipping Group

Mobile: +45 42 80 60 24

Anders Randrup

Logistics, Projects & Purchasing
Schultz Stevedoring
Part of Schultz Shipping Group

Direct mail:
Mobile: + 45 54 34 05 32