Kalundborg Tank Terminal

Schultz Group is part owners of Kalundborg Tank Terminal A/S with a capacity of 17 tanks offering a total volume of 38,000 m3. For more info please use link above.

Kalundborg Bulk Terminal

Kalundborg Bulk Terminal is one of the biggest grains exporting terminal in Denmark. We offer storage and handling of bulk commodities, and we primarily handle grains, feedstuffs, wood pellets, salts, gypsum and fertilizer. Kalundborg Bulk Terminal is GMP+ certified and we offer a fully equipped grain lab and licensed weighbridges on location.
Kalundborg Port is ISPS approved and the draft alongside the berth is 11.6 meters.

Bagging Line

At our Bulk Terminal we have an integrated bagging and palletizing line with or without connection to a sieving line. This highly automated and flexible bagging system is fitted for virtually all bulk goods and produces more than 1,000 bag/hour in sizes from 5 to 40 kilograms.

CM Terminals

The Schultz Group is through our shareholders Copenhagen Merchants Group involved in the day-to-day business on several grain and biomass terminals across the Baltics. For more info, please use link above.

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Terminal director

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Anders Randrup

Logistics, Projects & Purchasing

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For inquiries please contact our team.