Empowering Sustainable Business Practices for a Greener Future

In a world of constant change, it is crucial to futureproof and develop our working methods. At Schultz Shipping Group, we are aware of this necessity and are working purposefully to integrate sustainability into our future direction.

To support our sustainable ambitions, we have established a steering committee that constantly focuses on how we can incorporate sustainable principles into our workflows. This group actively works to identify and implement solutions that reduce our environmental footprint and promote the responsible use of resources.

Schultz Shipping Group is a member of Kalundborg Symbiosis. An innovative collaboration between the city’s largest industrial companies. Through this partnership, excess energy, water, and materials are shared, ensuring that valuable resources are not wasted but are instead reused efficiently.

A clear sign of our commitment to sustainability is the establishment of our new logistics center at Ny Vesthavn. This center is designed to support environmentally friendly operations and sustainable practices. It is also in line with the Port of Kalundborg’s goal of creating a carbon-free terminal, underscoring our dedication to a greener future.

At Schultz Shipping Group, we understand that sustainability is not just a goal but an ongoing process. We look forward to continuing to develop and improve our practices for a more sustainable future.